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Smart Blend
Products Smart Blend Engine Primer with CerflonŽ

14.5 oz.

When building a new engine or rebuilding an old, dry start-up is a major concern. Major crankshaft and bearing damage can occur if the engine is not properly lubricated before initial start-up. By injecting SMART BLEND ENGINE PRIMER into the engine block rebuilders, sellers & installers can be assured of reduced internal parts wear caused by dry start-up. SMART BLEND introduces a synthetic blended premium motor oil with CERFLONŽ into the engine block priming and properly lubricating the internal components before the engine is cranked. CERFLONŽ is a ceramic reinforced PTFE (fluoropolymer) lubricant with excellent heat and chemical resistance, that bonds to hard and soft metals, reducing wear on internal parts.

  • For use in all new, rebuilt or restored engines
  • Prevents dry starts
  • Protects from premature failure
  • Lubricates internal moving parts
  • Works on all imports & domestic engine sizes