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Smart Blend
Products Smart Blend Very High Strength Threadlocker RED

1.7 oz.

Formulated to lock engine and transmission nuts and screws. Seals medium threaded parts and fill gaps .002" to .008". Fixture tight in 60 minutes with shear strength of 3000-4000 psi. Smart Blend Very High Strength Threadlocker is a one part, room temperature curing compound that resist vibration loosening. Threadlocker #505 effectively seals metallic mechanical assemblies, preventing costly downtime while improving reliability.

  • Prevents parts from vibration loosening
  • Requires extra effort or special tools for removal
  • Bolts and components stay securely fastened
  • Protects threads from corrosion
  • Military spec S-46163 Type I Grade K, ASTM D 5363 -An0221