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Smart Blend
Products Trans Prep III Valve Body Governor Protectant

10 oz.

TRANS PREP III anti-seize cleaner is specially formulated to clean and coat automatic transmission valves and frees governors. Performs at temperatures ranging from -30 degrees below zero to 600 degrees. TRANS PREP III improves quality control and reduces costly comebacks. Slow to break down TRANS PREP III offers a service life longer than oils.

  • Cleans & coats
  • Eliminates sticking valves.
  • Prevents costly comebacks.
  • Insures quality on rebuilds
  • Eliminates rust
  • Maximizes proper valve operation
  • Easy to use aerosol can
  • Works as an all purpose lubricant to free up sticky mechanisms & rusted bolts

  • This product is no longer for sale.