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Smart Blend
Products Tru Volt 2-in-1 Electronic Cleaner Protectant

10 oz.

Tru-Volt is a 2-in-1 Electronic Cleaner(solvent) with Dielectric Protectant that instantly removes oil, grease, dirt, flux and other contaminants while leaving a thin layer of dielectric protectant that helps prevent contact failure, voltage leakage and malfunction. Tru-Volt will prolong the life of the connection and is harmless to plastics and paper tapes.

  • Instantly removes oil, grease, dirt & flux
  • Prevents voltage leakage
  • Prevents corrosion, rust & acid build-up
  • Prolongs life of connectors
  • Cleans & coats with dielectric protectant
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents
  • Harmless to plastics & paper tapes