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Smart Blend
Products Smart Blend "White" Synthetic Oil Base Transmission Flush

10 oz.

Smart Blend Synthetic Transmission Flush is a uniquely blended synthetic oil base transmission flush for use with automatic transmission fluid. When Smart Blend Transmission Flush is introduced into the transmission it safely cleans light varnish and other deposits from the transmissionís internal parts (metal & electronic) safely, preparing it for new transmission fluid. After flushing and refilling with ATF add Smart Blend Synthetic Automatic Transmission Protectant (part # 4001) to prolong fluid life and reduce operating temperature.

Smart Blend Synthetic Transmission Flush with Molecu-Tech is a new molecular technology that works in conjunction with ATF naturally when flushing automatic transmissions. Molecu-Techís unique cleaning agents contain NO HARMFUL SOLVENTS and releases light varnish and other deposits from internal transmission parts.

  • Safely Removes Light Varnish and Other Deposits
  • Prepares Transmission for New Fluid
  • Cleans All Internal Transmission Components
  • Contains No Alcohol or Damaging Chemicals (Totally Safe)
  • For Use With or Without Flushing Equipment