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Smart Blend
Products Smart Blend Multi-Vehicle CVT Transmission Fluid

32 oz.

Smart Blend Synthetics announces the release of its Fully Formulated Multi-Vehicle Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid (CVT) with Advanced SYNTEUMŽ Technology. Smart Blend's multi-vehicle CVT fluid is specifically designed and formulated to meet performance requirements and specifications of ALL Continuously Variable Transmissions.

Smart Blend Synthetics fully formulated CVT fluid ensures proper performance and operation of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT).

Smart Blend Synthetics is a leader in the formulation and development of a wide variety of transmission and professional automotive service related products. The development of a fully formulated CVT fluid meets market demand and coincides with the company's philosophy and mission statement of "Innovation, Leadership and Quality".

Smart Blend Synthetics Fully Formulated Multi-Vehicle Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid will make servicing Continuously Variable Transmissions more profitable and reduce inventory cost by eliminating the need to stock multiple OEM CVT fluids.