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Smart Blend
Products Smart Blend Professional Fuel Injector Cleaner #17040

11 oz.


Smart Blend Synthetics One Formula injector Cleaner with advanced SYNTEUM-FI™ Technology is uniquely designed to safely and effectively clean fuel injection systems by removing varnish, carbon and other harmful deposits from multi-port throttle body and mechanical fuel injector systems.

  • Cleans Fuel Injectors, Combustion Chambers
  • Intake Valve Seats and Spark Plugs
  • Restores Power & Performance
  • Helps Improve Fuel Economy
  • Reduces Harmful
  • Oxygen Sensor Safe

Today's complex fuel system designs and stop & go driving conditions greatly contribute to carbon and other harmful deposit build up that greatly diminish a vehicle's power, performance and fuel economy by restricting the flow of fuel (gasoline).

ONE FORMULA Professional Fuel Injector Cleaner ensures the proper flow of fuel (gasoline) to vital fuel system components and combustion chambers.

This Professional-Use product formulation is conveniently applied through the fuel rail via a fuel system cleaning apparatus. ONE FORMULA Fuel Injector Cleaner safely and effectively cleans fuel injection systems improving fuel flow thus restoring engine and system efficiency ONE FORMULA super concentrated SYNTEUM-FI technology actively cleans helping to improve fuel economy and throttle responsiveness resulting in smoother efficient vehicle operation while reducing hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and other harmful emissions.

(Professional Applicator Tool Required)