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Smart Blend
Products Smart Blend Total Intake System Cleaner

10 oz.

Proven in over 300,000 vehicles.

SMART BLEND SYNTHETICS ONE FORMULA Total Intake System Cleaner with advanced SYNTEUM - FI Technology when used as per directions: Provides complete cleaning by safely and effectively removing carbon build up, cleaning vehicle's upper engine and intake systems from the plenum to the catalytic converter. ONE FORMULA Total Intake System Cleaner helps eliminate rough idling, knocking, pinging and engine run-on while reducing emissions and improving power and performance in ONE ADVANCED FORMULA.

ONE FORMULA Total Intake System Cleaner's NO HYDRO-LOCK application process eliminates hydrostatic engine lock GUARANTEED!

Removes Carbon Deposits Improves Power & Performance Cleans Intake Valve Seats & Compression Chamber Cleans Oxygen Sensors Helps Return Compression to Factory Levels Reduces Emissions For Use with Gasoline Or Diesel Engines