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Smart Blend
Products Smart Blend Power Steering Flush

4 oz.

Smart Blend Synthetic Power Steering Flush is a uniquely blended synthetic oil base power steering system flush for use in all types of power steering units. When Smart Blend Synthetic Power Steering Flush is introduced into the system it safely cleans and removes damaging deposits and impurities, preparing the power steering system for new fluid. Smart Blend Synthetic Power Steering Flush can be used with or without a flush machine. After evacuating the contaminated fluid, install Smart Blend Synthetic Universal Power Steering Fluid Protectant to increase fluid life, reduce whines, eliminate pump noise and ensure proper performance.

  • Safely Removes Deposits & Impurities From Power Steering Systems
  • Cleans All Internal Components: Pumps, Turbines, Pistons, Racks etc.
  • Contains No Harmful Cleaners or Solvents
  • Will Not Harm Seals, O-rings or Hoses