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Smart Blend
Products Smart Blend SUV Fuel System Treatment


SMART BLEND ONE FORMULA SYNTHETIC SUV Fuel System Treatment with advanced SYNTEUM FI technology, is specially formulated to meet the large fuel tank capasites and demands of SUVís. ONE FORMULA Synthetic SUV Fuel System Cleaner completely and effectively cleans the entire fuel system in one application.

SMART BLEND SYNTHETICS unique SYNTEUM technology rapidly cleans and effectively removes gum, varnish and other harmful deposits from, Fuel Injectors, Carburetors, Intake Valves, Manifolds, Combustion Chambers, Fuel Pumps and Lines.

SMART BLEND ONE FORMULA SYNTHETIC SUV One Fuel System Cleaner restores power and helps improve fuel economy while preventing Engine Knocks & Pings, Rough Idling and Harmful Emissions in one easy to use formula.

Treats up to 35 gallons.